Car Care Tips

Maintenance is a good thing. We believe in preventive car care, as much as we believe in preventive medicine. Why wait until something really goes wrong, leaving you stranded in I-5 on the way to pick up your kids, or preventing you from getting to that important meeting that is sure to change your life…. Believe us, it happens.
Preventive car care is like a wellness check with your doctor. At a wellness check with a doctor they will check blood pressure and cholesterol levels and listen to our woes about getting older or that thing we think is kind of weird but would not tell anyone else. At a service check for your car, we change your oil, check the pressure in your tiers, and make sure that all of your systems are functioning as best they can be in this movement and listen about that weird thing your car does or the odd notice or squeak it makes when your turn left. And just like the preventive trip to your doctor, minor things can be found while they are still minor.
Like doctors, we can not prevent major illness from striking your car, but we can spot the little things before they turn into major trouble. To help prevent catastrophes that leave you stranded, It is our recommendation that your car get a regular check up. Give us a call to schedule your car for some love.